How Many

Hi there! I haven’t written poetry in a while. Here’s my clumsy foray back into it! Feel free to leave constructive criticism in the comments ;). 

edit: a great friend of mine inspired me to make a few changes from the original published piece.

How Many

How many sights remind me of you?

How many songs, how many poems?

How many flying birds, tastes, and sounds?

How many daydreams of you have usurped my reality?

How many moments have I desired

Simply to hold your hand in mine?


Dizzy with infatuation.


Your eyes blinking into mine.

Even the most obsessive thoughts

Can’t attempt to encapsulate

The stirrings of my heart.


Electric water coursing through my brain.


Pinpoints of light fog my memories.

Your lips, like the gentlest sea breeze.

Intense love pangs in my belly.

Deep and rooted and all encompassing.



You captivate me like the most intricate filigree

Demanding my attention.

I simultaneously want to hide

And howl to the whole world.


You, you, you.

You, like the sunset.

You, like the sunrise.

You, like the quietest night.


I’m catapulting myself into heartbreak, oblivion.

But what does that matter,

So long as the trajectory is beautiful?



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